The Best Golf GPS Units – The Top 3 For 2013

Golf GPS devices are on the up and up at the golf course. Now in 2013, more golfers are using these devices to improve their game and are enjoying the extra fun this technology brings to the course.

Based on the same principals as automobile GPS navigation systems, golfers who own GPS units have a major advantage over the competition. This is mainly because of the access to important info, which helps lower average scores. Factors like water hazards, distance, bunkers, fairway and the putting green are some of the data that is used to identify the Best golf GPS units.

So let’s take a look at the top 3 best golf Gps 2013:

1) The GolfBuddy Platinum

golfbuddy platinumThis class-leading best golf Gps unit for 2013 boasts a 40,000 free course map memory plus a 50 channel satellite reception. The Korean-based experts at GolfBuddy have introduced a incredible amount of new features to make this one of the most sought-after Gps units in 2013 – worldwide.

The transflective innovative touchscreen has been revamped to greatly increase resolution and the full-color free course maps are now the brightest they have ever been.

Users of this device love the faster response times of the LCD screen, particularly when using the Touch’N’Move functionality to change exact pin placements and locating exact distances to various hazards, with essentially instant results. The Platinum by GolfBuddy has been furnished with a long-life integrated lithium battery, delivering 15 hours of life at full charge – enough for 3 rounds.

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2) Garmin Approach G6

garmin approach G6Back in 2012 the Garmin Approach G5 was one of the best-selling and best reviewed Gps units. It is then of no surprise that all the updates and improvements made to create the new G6 model makes this a top choice for 2013.

One of the key benefits of the Garmin G6 is that there are no download or subscription fees, course updates are free! Besides you are off to a great start with over 27,000 pre-loaded courses.

Top features include customizable data entry for hazard distances as well as layup arcs for greater accuracy in distances from your tee to the green. A digital scorecard is available too, and also the ability to chart average distance for every type of club.

The Garmin Approach G6 features a full color 2.6″ LCD screen designed for use in intense sunlight and weighs only 95.6g. The battery is re-chargeable and lasts up to sixteen hours, this allows for a potential 4 rounds of play in just 1 charge.

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3) Bushnell XGC+ Golf GPS Rangefinder

bushnell xgcOne of the most powerful and advanced Golf Gps units available today, the XGC+ Golf GPS Rangefinder by Bushnell not only helps save precious strokes on the field, but it is a lot of fun at the same time.

Compared with most other GPS golf devices out there, the Bushnell rangefinders are lighter and smaller, measuring just 3.85″ x 2.15″ x 0.75″, making it extremely compact and very easy to carry around and use.

This XGC+ GPS Rangefinder features a whole array of exciting tools and enhancements that ensure your maximum performance, such as automatic hole advance, automatic course recognition and SiRFstar3 chip.

These great features provide not only a superb signal that stays locked on in any terrain, but also grants easy transition between courses and between holes. It accurately calculates distances to any point on a hole so you can steer clear of hazards and bunkers.

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